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      Trademark and copyright

      We provide a comprehensive set of trademark services for domestic and foreign clients alike; this includes trademark registration, consulting (layout and diagnosis), monitoring, objection, change, renewal, invalidation, transfer, and litigation services. We help clients with malicious trademark registration, unfair competition, market risks, and protect their brand capitals through our stateof-the-art technology, which includes specialized trademark search and the Madrid system.

      We also provide copyright services which include software copyright registration, registration of copyright work, and copyright management.


      Foreign Trademark Reexamination and Submission of Missing Parts Rejection

      Single Country Registration, EPO Registration, and Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan Registration

      Global Trademark Registration Application

      Madrid Trademark Registration

      Paris Convention

      Geographical?Indications Trademark Registration

      Collective Mark Registration

      Well-known Trademark Cognizance

      Foreign Trademark Revoke Application/ Reply Brief in International Phase

      Foreign Invalidation Declaration/ Reply Brief

      Foreign?Trademark Administrative Litigation

      Trademark Invalidation/Withdraw/Infringement Administrative Litigation

      Foreign Trademark Cross-Examination and Submission of Missing Parts

      Trademark Reexamination

      Software copyright registration

      Copyright infringement lawsuit

      Trademark Objection/Reply

      Trademark Revoke Reply

      Trademark Not Using Reply

      Extension in International Phase

      Trademark Pledge in International Phase

      Trademark Design

      Trademark Monitoring in International Phase

      Trademark Consulting ( (Layout, and Diagnose,etc)

      Trademark Search

      Customs Record for Foreign Trademark

      E-commerce Platform Trademark Complaint

      Computer Software Copyright Registration

      Copyright Registration

      Copyright ?Management(search、replace、transfer)

      Copyright Infringement Litigation

      E-commerce Platform Copyright Complaint

      Online Originality Protection

      Internet original certification protection

      Network platform infringement complaint

      Lead Management

      Shan XU

      Trademark/Copyright Manager

      Meihua ZHOU

      Litigation Department Manager

      Gary CHENG

      International Business Manager

      ??????? Sunshine Intellectual Property Group

      • Tel: +86-10-82870718 / +86-10-84065599?


        E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

        Address:5F,Tower A, Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Building, No.21, A, Haidian South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China, 10080

      Copyright??2013????三聚陽光????All Rights Reserved ????京ICP備05056988號-1


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